Amazon Recommends™ Privacy Information

1. What is the Amazon Recommends service?
The Amazon Recommends service is a new linking style for Associate sites. It delivers content to sites based on their sales history and may also include special offers from

Typically, when you look at a Web page, the words and pictures you see actually come from several sources. Your browser software assembles the pieces and displays them as a single page. On the Associate Web site you were visiting, most of the content you saw was transmitted from server computers used by the site's operator. However, the placement you just clicked on was different--we sent it to you directly from

2. What information about me does the Amazon Recommends service receive and retain?
Your browser automatically sends any Amazon cookies on your computer to our server when you view an Amazon Recommends placement. (For more information about how Amazon uses cookies, see our Privacy Notice.)

Although the Amazon Recommends service uses your cookie to determine whether you are a recognized Amazon visitor, we do not keep or attempt to construct a record of the Web sites you visit.

Of course, if you choose to click through to the site, we, like most Web sites, will receive and store your clickstream to, through, and from our site. For more information about the automatic information we collect, please read our Privacy Notice.

3. Does the Amazon Recommends service share any information about me with third parties?
No. The Amazon Recommends service does not share any personal information with third parties, including Associates, about customers who view, click, or purchase through Associate links.

4. What is an Associate?
An Amazon Associate is a Web site owner who places links on their site and earns referral fees through sales of products. (To find our more about the Amazon Associates program, click here.)

5. Are products listed through the Amazon Recommends service the same as the personalized recommendations I receive when visiting
No. The products you see listed when visiting an Amazon Associate's site are based on that site's topics and sales history and will include special offers. The items you see recommended when visiting are based on your own personal purchase history at

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